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Asexuality is not a ‘symptom’: Asexual Canadians fight to dispel harmful misconceptions

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I Feel Pretty from Westside Story — they thought it just meant happy.“I grew up in a time where it was like, ‘Aw that’s so gay’ — that was the insult to use,” Abrams, 27, remembers of growing up in small town Ontario.But they’ve come a long way from that point, Abrams is non-binary, queer, and asexual (ace).

They say that without the help of friends, moving to a big city like Toronto, and dedicated internet research, they would have never come to understand their identity as meaningfully as they do now.In Port Hope, Ont., you can be queer, but “don’t be it too loudly,” Abrams said.Up until Abrams adopted the asexual label when they were 23, they described not knowing what was different about them.

Abrams feels little to no sexual attraction, though the degree to which ace people in general feel attraction varies on a spectrum.

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