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Antarctic glacier ice shelf shrank by one-fifth since 2017

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Science Advances. And the crumbling shelf was caught on time-lapse video from a European satellite that takes pictures every six days."You can see stuff just tearing apart," said study lead author Ian Joughin, a University of Washington glaciologist. "So it almost looks like the speed-up itself is weakening the glacier. ...

And so far we’ve lost maybe 20% of the main shelf."The NOAA's 2019 Arctic Report Card found that permafrost region ecosystems could be releasing as much as 1.1 billion to 2.2.

billion tons of carbon dioxide annually.Between 2017 and 2020, there were three large breakup events, creating icebergs more than 5 miles (8 kilometers) long and 22 miles (36 kilometers) wide, which then split into lots of littler pieces, Joughin.

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