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Another Kinniya Ferry Tragedy waiting to happen?

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COLOMBO (News 1st);  It's been almost a year since the Kinniya Ferry Tragedy, unfortunately no action seems to have been taken to prevent another disaster.On the 23rd of November 2021, a ferry accident in Kurinjankarni Lagoon in Kinniya, located in the Trincomalee District claimed the lives of nine school children.It's been almost a year since the Kinniya Ferry Tragedy took place, and since then multiple ministers had placed a foundation stone for the construction of a bridge, and unfortunately, this is yet to materialize.The Sri Lanka Navy was deployed to operate a Transport Ferry across the Kurinjankarni Lagoon in Kinniya, however, the construction of a solid bridge to cross the lagoon remains limited to a foundation stone.The Transport Ferry is also not in operation, and Sri Lanka Navy said the service was suspended as the number of people using the ferry dropped.Due to the ongoing fuel crisis in Sri Lanka buses do not operate in the area, forcing children to take the long way to school, and this too, puts their lives at risk while using a damaged bridge.The Divisional Secretary said that he was informed by the Road Development Authority that the construction of a new bridge was temporarily suspended due to the current status of the country.Is the construction delayed, until a similar tragedy takes place claiming more lives? .

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COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka's Human Rights Commission had decided to investigate the tragic death of a schoolboy who was trapped inside a storm drain for over an hour during a torrential downpour in Kurunegala on Monday (5) afternoon.Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission Retired Supreme Court Justice Rohini Marasinghe told News 1st that all relevant parties will be summoned for the investigations.The post-mortem revealed that the young boy, identifed as Sajith Gunaratne, had drowned, resulting in his death.The parents of the Sajith Gunaratne, would have never imagined that their son who was supposed to walk back home, would return one last time on the shoulders of his loved ones on Tuesday (6).Sajith Gunaratne, a Grade 9 student from the Maliyadeva Model School in Kurunegala, passed away under tragic circumstances when returning home from school on Monday (5) afternoon.Sajitha who was walking back on the Wehera Kanda Udawatte Road had moved aside to give way for a van that was traveling on the road, and thereafter had fallen into the storm drain.Locals banded together to rescue Sajitha from the storm drain, however, their efforts proved futile.Sajith who was pulled out after almost an hour and a half was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital, where he breathed his last.Sajith Gunaratne, who was a resident from Wehera, Kurunegala was the youngest in the family with two sisters.The Kurunegala Police on Tuesday (6) inspected the location where the tragedy took place.Locals said that when it rains the storm drain is not large enough for the flow of flood waters.According to the locals, school children from two schools use the Wehera Kanda Watte Road and warned that there are several