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Anitta opens up about her 2022 Health Crisis: ‘If I Didn’t Die, It’s Because I’m Going to Live Even Better’

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Anitta’s career, as she basked in the continued success of her hit song “Envolver,” released at the close of 2021. She graced prestigious stages and dominated music charts.

Nevertheless, behind the scenes, the Brazilian singer faced a challenging personal journey due to health concerns. Over several months, she endured frequent hospital visits, with medical professionals struggling to diagnose her illness.

Anitta courageously shared her experience, offering insights on all the valuable lessons she learned from this challenging moment.“Last year, I fell seriously ill toward the end of the year, and they couldn’t determine the cause,” Anitta shared during a press conference in Mexico City, coinciding with the release of her album “Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story.” “I underwent cancer testing, spent five months in the hospital, had to halt my work, and couldn’t fully capitalize on the success that ‘Envolver’ had brought me because of my severe illness,” she revealed.¿Y Simone Susinna?

Anitta sorprende con su declaración: ‘Estoy soltera, siempre lo he estado’Así es Simone Susinna, el galán italiano de AnittaAnitta turns up the heat in crotchet bikini with boyfriend Simone Susinna: See pics“I was on tour in Europe, and I went straight to the hospital from there, and I didn’t leave for five months,” she recalled.

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