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'Am I the only person?' Sharon Stone, 63, questions possible odd side effect of Covid jab

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Instagram and Twitter to ask about a possible side effect she has noticed after getting the Covid vaccine.Sharon quizzed her followers on the situation, asking if they have had a change in "armpit odour" after getting their vaccinations.Sharon posted the comment to her Instagram story, as well as her Twitter.She penned in view of her 223,600 followers: "Am I the only person who is experiencing an armpit odour change w vaccines?" (sic)Many took to the comments to share their potential side effects after getting the vaccine.Paulckelly42 said: "I've had 3 jabs now and I've not experienced that or heard anyone else say they have."Felt c***py for a couple of days with the first 2 and a sore arm with the booster.

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