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Alberta doctors urge Jason Kenney to take immediate action to manage COVID-19 spread

seven-day period ending on May 2, at 296 cases per 100,000 population. The U.S. state that came closest to Alberta’s COVID-19 case count in the same time frame was Michigan, with 252 cases per 100,000 people.“The province has responded, but it has responded very often too late and with too little, with the end result that we’ve never really gotten COVID under proper control,” said Dr.

Noel Gibney, University of Alberta Critical Care Medicine, who was part of the group that sent the letter.As of Monday, Alberta Health reported 658 people in hospital and 154 in ICU as a result of the virus — the highest numbers in the province since the start of the pandemic.The doctors wrote that there is a greater number of younger patients who are now.

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