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After vaccinating 4.25 million people, Israel health ministry says Pfizer Covid-19 jab 95.8% effective

Israel's health ministry on Saturday after its aggressive vaccination campaign.The ministry said that the vaccine had proved 95.8% effective in preventing the disease two weeks after the beneficiaries received their second shot, as compared to unvaccinated people, according to data compiled up to February 13.It added the jab was 99.2% effective against serious illness and 98.9% effective in preventing death.For those tested one week after receiving a second jab, the vaccine was 91.9% effective against infection, 96.45% effective in preventing serious illness and 94.5% in preventing death.The overall efficacy of the vaccine was earlier pegged at around 95% in a two-dose regimen 21 days apart.Efficacy of first doseA recent study of healthcare.

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