Thalaa Bandaralage Gunawardena Thalaa Bandaralage Gunawardena

A vow from the indigenous community leader

COLOMBO (News1st): The leader of the Pollebedda indigenous community Thalaa Bandaralage Gunawardena has revealed that a certain company had attempted to bribe him to stop protesting against the deforestation occurring at the historic Rambaken Oya Zone.“The owner of the company told me they will construct a house with 9 rooms, buy me a three-wheeler and give me Rs 500,000 rupees per year if I agree to stop protesting,” the indigenous community leader noted.“I told him, I will not betray my race and asked them to leave.

I told them I would attack them with my axe if they did not leave”.Cabinet approval has been granted to lease off 2,750 acres of land in this zone to carry out maize cultivations.

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