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10,205 community cases; 734 hospitalisations; 25 in ICU; 9 deaths

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Today we are reporting 10,205 community cases, 734 hospitalisations and 9 deaths. The seven-day rolling average of case numbers continues to decline, today's seven-day rolling average is 13,218, while the seven-day rolling average of cases as at last Monday was 16,102.

A reminder that from 11:59pm tonight, there is no requirement to use My Vaccine Pass. Businesses will still be able to use the system if they would like to.

As restrictions around the pass ease, it is important for people to continue to follow public health advice to stay at home, away from school or work if you’re feeling unwell.

Another way to protect you and your whanau is to get vaccinated if you haven’t already done so. Vaccination remains our best defence against COVID-19 and getting boosted is an important way people can protect themselves, their whanau and their friends from the virus.

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COVID-19, the Waterloo Region District School Board says it will soon be providing parents with more information about the situation.The board says caregivers of children will begin receiving daily reports from their school’s principals which will show the number of COVID-19 cases reported as well as the classes which have been affected.It says that if a COVID-19 case is reported in a child’s class, that kid can still attend school. Testing positive weeks after a COVID-19 diagnosis: What it means for travel The reports will not identify any staff or students.If a caregiver does not receive a report on a particular day, that means there were no new cases reported at their child’s school.A spokesperson for the board told Global News that this is a local initiative that is not being implemented at the behest of the province.The board is also warning parents that there is the possibility that classrooms or entire schools may be forced to close going forward.“We are facing increased staffing challenges due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases, and continue to implement a number of strategies to ensure schools stay open for learning,” the letter from the board read.“We have been very fortunate that to date, no WRDSB schools have been closed due to staff shortages.”The board says parents will receive 24-hours notice through School-Day if there is a closure.